Queen of Swords

Upright: communicative, self-reliant, sophisticated

Reverse: dysfunction, manipulation, Resentment

a small hummingbird sits on the pommel of a sword, staring out into eternity. flowers intertwine with the design of the sword’s guard, symbolizing the marriage of truth and action as well as the versatility of nature. hummingbirds are thought of as emissaries between the gods and mortals. the queen of swords reminds us to remain independent of outside influence and to communicate fairly, clearly, and kindly with those around us.

when upright, the queen of swords represents a synthesis between mental clarity and the intellectual power represented by the suit of swords. you have developed a level of maturity along your journey to enlightenment, and now it is time for you to utilize that and other skills when dealing with the world around you. you seek the truth in all matters, remaining receptive to all points of view involved. don’t put up with idle chatter. the queen is self-actualized. keep your head held high and your face pointed towards the truth, no matter where your journey may take you.

when reversed, the queen of swords indicates that you struggle to reconcile your intellect with your emotions. you may act without forethought and strike out with your temper guiding you, not your head. if embroiled in an issue, you let your emotions influence your view, allowing bias to obscure the truth of the matter. reassess your relationships and be careful that those around you aren’t dominating you. they may be tinging your vision and obscuring the truth in hopes of misleading you into their way of thinking. but, be careful in how you respond. the queen of swords reversed can also come across as cold and resentful. someone in your life may be acting this way towards you, or you may be gaining a bad reputation as a cold-hearted person based on your recent actions. realign your priorities and deal fairly with those around you. you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and gaining support right now trumps getting even.