Queen of Wands

Upright: courage, energy, passion

Reverse: demanding, fatigue, spite

a chinchilla sits below an orchid plant, clutching a tiny stalk between its small hands. chinchillas are known for their soft, dense fur and inquisitive natures. they represent warmth and energy, and the orchids above its head signify love and delicate beauty. a strongly feminine card, the queen of wands reminds us that hard work can get a person far, but determination and mettle are necessary to cross the finish line. relying on our inner dedication and prioritizing knowledge of the self are instrumental to seeing our goals realized.

when upright, the queen of wands represents the user’s resilience in getting to this point and having their end goal in sight. this is a card that favors the bold, and so long as you stay bold, the future will favor you too. connect with others and don’t shy away from leading them as you progress. attention will be given to you and is rightly deserved. know yourself thoroughly, even the parts of you that you don’t like to think about. self-actualization takes courage to pursue, but it will be well worth the effort when it helps strengthen your convictions in the future. express yourself and be as bold as you can be!

when reversed, the queen of wands tells the user that they have succeeded in reaching a place of self-respect and confidence. self-actualization is a difficult bridge to cross, but you’ve succeeded and come out stronger for it. though, along the way you seem to have drawn into yourself. introversion is perfectly fine, and so long as you are being true to yourself, you should maintain whatever distance you need to keep the clarity you’ve fought so hard to find. if you find yourself lacking confidence, however, you may need to take steps to reclaim your boldness from wherever it’s gone. rediscover yourself from within and emerge when you’re ready. the world can wait until then to see what you have to show it.