Seven of Pentacles

Upright: Patience, Results, Review

Reverse: Aimlessness, Deferral, Distractions

a raven sits at its nest, watching over its eggs while looking out at the world beyond. ravens are associated with memory, thought, and cunning. they look to the future and invest in it as well, symbolized by the eggs tucked safely in the nest.while ravens can reflect the potential prosperity ahead, they can also function as omens of death and misfortune. the seven of pentacles reminds us to be wary of the future and all it can bring. investing in ourselves can help skew the odds in our favor, but if we are short-sighted in our efforts, misery can just as easily follow.

when upright, the seven of pentacles suggests that the user understands the importance of investing in the present to reap the benefits of a sustainable future. you are putting in the time and effort to lay down a strong foundation, and despite the toil and strain it involves, you know that you are giving yourself the best possible chance at making something great in the long run. always look at the bigger picture at hand. find the parts you can bolster, and do it with confidence. if you have been doing this for awhile now, take comfort in the knowledge that the seeds you’ve sown are nearing bloom. take a rest, be proud of your efforts, and push through any frustration you may feel. good things take time to germinate. have faith that you’ve done all you can to make it happen. sometimes that’s all you can do.

when reversed, the seven of pentacles implies that the user is experiencing doubts over past choices. perhaps you’ve put your efforts into focusing on one thing when you believe you should have focused on another. you’re stressed that you’ve wasted time, energy, and resources that could have been spent elsewhere. take stock of what you’ve done and what you still need to do. if you feel you aren’t reaping any benefits, it may be time to evaluate how you are spending your time. in terms of a relationship, you may be feeling that the once-stable ground you spent time building is now shaky. there are no guarantees in life or love. think long and hard on if the relationship is worth continuing.