Seven of Wands

Upright: Competition, Perseverance, Resistance

Reverse: Overwhelmed, Panic, Vulnerability

the tardigrade wraps itself around seven stalks of seaweed, ready to weather anything that comes its way. tardigrades are some of the hardiest organisms on the planet. they are known to survive temperatures below 1 k (−458 °f; −272 °c) while others can withstand extremely hot temperatures up to 420 k (300 °f; 150 °c). they can be found on top of mountains, at the bottom of the ocean, in lakes, in stone, and in pretty much any environment on the planet – and even off it. the seven of wands reminds us to channel the tardigrade’s hardiness. though you are surrounded by different obstacles and trials, you will overcome. you’re stronger than your troubles and can endure.

when upright, the seven of wands suggests that the user has accomplished something worthy of recognition, but once all eyes are turned to them, there is a high possibility that there will be naysayers and critics waiting for the chance to say their piece in return. you are about to undergo a harsh period of criticism, and much of it won’t feel deserved. don’t be afraid to defend yourself, but be aware that the brighter you shine, the more people will want to see you fall. part of the challenge of creating something amazing is proving to others that your success is deserved. work hard, believe in what you’ve done, and know that this adversity will make you stronger.

when reversed, the seven of wands symbolizes external criticisms that carry enough weight to severely impact the user’s ability to progress. harsh criticisms and opposition have taken their toll on your spirit, and it may feel impossible to move past it. this isn’t true: you can rise above this if you work to establish your position and refuse to change yourself just to keep others happy. try to remember that you can’t make everyone happy, and you will wear yourself down to the bone if you try. stay true to yourself and keep your chin up. being overwhelmed happens, but it’s what you do to shrug it off that will reaffirm your dedication to the goals you’ve set out to accomplish.