Six of Swords

Upright: Despondency, Guidance, Healing

Reverse: Floods, Instability, Resistance

An anglerfish swims through black waters as six sharp swords pierce it through, but despite the dangers clearly present, it still moves forward. the deep sea is an environment fraught with danger and inhospitable conditions. to survive in pure darkness, oftentimes one must provide their own light. the six of swords is a card of transition. it may be difficult to see the bright side when darkness encroaches from all sides, but this simply reminds us that tenacity can sustain you through even the bleakest of circumstances so long as you remain determined to keep your lantern burning until you see the light once more.

when upright, the six of swords suggests that the user is caught in a disinterested, listless state. even though nothing is apparently wrong, nothing feels quite right either. you’re disconnected from the world around you, but this will soon fade. you’re headed in a new direction whether or not you know the destination. if you’re coming out of a difficult period in your life, you may feel downtrodded and uninterested in things that you once found dear. though it may not feel like it, you have survived this crisis, and you’re on your way towards well earned peace. reach deep and summon your faith. things seem dark now, but you must stubbornly create your own light and march towards your brighter future.

when reversed, the six of swords implies that you’re embarking on a turbulent journey. you’re rocking the boat to create some sense of change. things may be unstable for a time, and you will be slow to heal. no matter how long it takes to recover, you must give yourself time. you cannot rush your spiritual and emotional health. this position may also signify a spiritual transition. like the pinned anglerfish, you feel stuck and frustrated by a lack of growth, especially on a spiritual level. have faith and be patient. look for the positives and find value in the progress you have made, even if isn’t exactly what you wanted. unfinished business from your past may also try to trap you and prevent you from moving forward. resolve these conflicts. only then can you truly be free of them.