Six of Wands

Upright: Progress, Self-confidence, Victory

Reverse: Egotism, Treachery, Unsuccessful

A peacock sits front and center, its beautiful feathers on display for all to see. peacocks are known for their presentation and ostentatious appearances. they advertise their feathers, staring back at the world with eye patterned spots the meet the gazes that are inexorably drawn towards them. the six of wands is a card built on spectacle and taking center stage. whether we receive a standing ovation or the hook depends solely on our ability to keep pride in moderation.

when upright, the six of wands signifies a celebration of everything the user has done and accomplished. your confidence is brimming, you are self-assured, and it may even suggest that you have received or will receive public recognition for your accomplishments. there were hardships along the way, but you can take pride in the fact that you weathered them with grace. allow yourself to enjoy the confidence the accolade bring you—you’ve earned it. you’re advised to be aware that while you’ve come far and braved the storm admirably so far, there is still the chance of future challenges arising to trip you up. savor the victory this moment has brought you, but be ready for what lies ahead.

when reversed, the six of wands implies that the user may have accomplished something important but not received any attention from it. perhaps no one noticed, or perhaps you’ve kept your accomplishments to yourself, not feeling it worthy of being brought into the public eye. you may be struggling with your confidence and feel you deserve no praise, even if you do. try to look inside yourself to understand what success means to you. come to your own definition and you’ll find it easier to move forward. this position can also suggest the opposite extreme: the user may have accomplished something and reacted with arrogance or an elevated sense of entitlement. temper your pride and do your best to rein it in. people will want to see you fall if you give them ample reason to, and you’ll find your victories to be much sweeter if you embrace humility now. stop alienating those who would otherwise enjoy seeing you succeed.