Ten of Pentacles

Upright: culmination, inheritance, permanence

Reverse: bankruptcy, falsehood, finances

a bowhead whale dives towards the ocean floor where eight pentacles rest, waiting to be claimed. two more fall alongside the whale to signify the wealth still on the way, carried downward by the current. whales are associated with compassion and knowledge of life and death. their long lifespans allow them to gain clarity on what matters in life, and through their constant hard work, they are able to gain a level of prosperity that will remain with them long into the future. the ten of pentacles is a sign that a journey has come to an end. success follows those who work hard and remain charitable. just as the whale swims confidently towards its wealth, we should rejoice in the security we have worked so hard to earn.

when upright, the ten of pentacles signifies that the user is coming to the end of a project or journey. you’ve always looked at the bigger picture, and because of this, you’ve managed to keep focused and work hard. your past efforts have paved the way to your success. now you’re able to reap the benefits of your long-term investments and live substantially on the rewards. remain charitable; share your bounty with others. this position also suggests permanence in regards to your current prosperity, so use the newfound security to focus on other aspects of your life that you may have put aside.

when reversed, the ten of pentacles implies the user is undergoing a crisis of purpose. you have accumulated wealth and security, but you aren’t sure if this is how you want to live. you may feel meaningless in the grand scheme of things, and you’re coming to the conclusion that money alone isn’t making you happy. you may be considering leaving a job you’ve been at for years, even though the job provides you with stability. wealth can be a trap. spending money may bring instant gratification, but you long for something deeper. you may be feeling unstable in other aspects of your life. re-evaluate your relationship with work and family, and seek out different ways to feel secure.