Ten of Wands

Upright: Burden, Exhaustion, responsibility

Reverse: Accountability, Overburdened, Reassessment

a beaver sits hard at work sorting through straw for ten sticks it has gathered for its dam. persistent and competent, beavers symbolize diligence towards a task, no matter how heavy the burden might become along the way. the task ahead is a laborious feat, but in spite of this, the beaver knows that it must put forth the effort to continue its survival. the ten of wands reassures us that, even when our work is difficult and sometimes unenjoyable, we will bask in the rewards. it only asks us that we take care of ourselves in the process; while lost in the burden of our work, we never know what just might be the straw to break our backs.

when upright, the ten of wands implies that the user has taken on a heavier workload or greater responsibility in recent days. this may have been a choice you underwent willingly, and though it makes the road ahead harder, know that it is just a temporary situation that will lead to greater rewards in the future. this is a card that encourages you to invest in the future through hard work. it doesn’t always imply taking on more work – investing in yourself and your mental well-being by cutting down on jobs that overtax you can also lead to greater future payout. the last few steps in any journey are the hardest, but take solace in the fact that the end point is well within sight. there are rewards in taking on new burdens. keep your perspective clear to understand what those rewards will be.

when reversed, the ten of wands suggests that the user is overburdened with responsibilities that would be better handled if shared with those around you. you may be attempting to shoulder it all yourself out of a sense of duty, pride, or expectation. the weight is crushing you though, and this is a sign that you need to share the load. ask for help from those around you; you may be surprised just how many of them are willing to carry the weight with you. this position can also signify that you need to ‘trim the fat’. there may be duties, possessions, or expectations in your life that aren’t serving any purpose. you’ve carried them along with you for long enough, and it’s time to relieve yourself of their burden and let go. you may be surprised how far you’ll continue to go once the weight has left your shoulders.