Three Of Pentacles

Upright: Achievements, Collaboration, Selflessness

Reverse: Disorganization, Lackluster, Superiority

three ants stand beneath a blade of grass to collect the pentacles encased in drops of dew. their collaboration and teamwork ensure that the job is done well. symbolically, ants represent hard work, determination, loyalty, and camaraderie. each ant has its duty within the colony, from a drone to a fighter to the queen herself. alone, they can carry many times their own body weight, but together, they can do so much more. the three of pentacles represents collaboration at its purest form. we are stronger together than the sum of our parts, and everyone, from the novice to the journeyman, has something to offer the other.

when upright, the three of pentacles informs the user that there is value to be found in collaborating with others. life is not a monolith. it’s the differences in people that make humanity great, and through collaboration, we can succeed in building something bigger than anything an individual could accomplish alone. share in discussions with people who differ from you. seek out unique perspectives and work to integrate them with your own. you have a goal in mind that you are determined to seek, and take this as a sign that you cannot build the foundation alone. utilize those around you to give it a firm starting point. you know what you have to do; let others help you make it a reality.

when reversed, the three of pentacles implies that the user is struggling to work well with others. somewhere along the way, things have gotten out of sync, and you are having trouble making progress when the rest of the team doesn’t jive well together. you may need to negotiate: discuss every person’s role in the project and change things up if people aren’t being used to their full potential. revisit the drawing board and develop a more detailed plan. the way forward won’t be easy to find if you don’t know how to get there to begin with. this position can also suggest that you aren’t being appreciated within your own team. your efforts are going unnoticed and unrewarded, and you’re becoming resentful of it. it may be time to seek other opportunities or try going it alone. still, be sure to ask for help if you need it. the journey ahead is a difficult one, and going it alone will only add to that.