Three Of Wands

Upright: Effort, Expansion, Productivity

Reverse: Negligence, Restrictions

A lone sugar glider looks out at the world around it, clutching three twigs in its tail. it carefully assesses the dangers of where it’s at as well as where it wants to go. the distance may be great, but it knows that so long as it can see the destination ahead, one great leap will carry it to safety. the three of wands reminds is that our goals are within reach should we have the bravery to pursue them.

when upright, the three of wands suggests that the user’s plans for the future are well underway and progressing as we speak. you may be gliding along, the end point in sight, and wonder if now is the time to explore even more opportunities while on your current path. you’ve prepared well for this moment. be aware of challenges that still remain ahead of you, but don’t be afraid to expand your goals in the moment. the work you’ve done to get to this point will carry you further than you first intended, and now is the time to think big. stay committed to the path and you may be surprised just how far you’ll fly.

when reversed, the three of wands is here to inform the user that while the path to growth and new heights are in front of you, you are keeping to your initial plans, too anxious to step outside of your comfort zone. things may have taken an unexpected turn, delaying actions and progress. perhaps you didn’t prepare as well as you should have, and now plans are screeching to a halt against your will. work to break down what needs to be done. complete tasks one by one until they are complete, and take care not to overburden yourself. lack of preparation got you into this mess, and renewed preparation will get you out of it.