Two of Cups

Upright: Compatibility, Equality, Partnership

Reverse: Arguments, Breakups, Dominance

Two emperor penguins face one another on either side of two cups. The gold and blue colors of the penguins’ feathers echoes the intrinsic dichotomy of the sun and the moon, but together they stand united to create a unified sky cycle. The Two of Cups is a card of reciprocation. Just as penguins mate for life and rear their young together, so too should we remember to reach out to those we love in our moments of need.

When upright, the Two of Cups signifies that the user has a very deep, meaningful connection with another person. This may be a new relationship or an older one that has only recently begun to reach new levels of connectedness. There is potential in it to develop into something truly special, something that will be a win-win for the both of you. In business, this could mean starting a new partnership with someone who will carry you to success. In a relationship, this may symbolize a connection that transcends the physical. Cherish these relationships no matter what form they come in; they are incredibly special and enjoy the comforts to be found in this new level of mutual respect.

When reversed, the Two of Cups suggests that the user is suffering from a sense of imbalance. Things might not be as peaceful between you and your loved ones, or the comfortable environment you’ve achieved at work is suddenly filled with unrest. No matter where this imbalance strikes, don’t act too hasty and examine the situation before you. It would be best to tread carefully but keep the bridge of communication open. Be sure to take care of yourself during this rocky time. This position also encourages the user to focus on self-love. Learn the steps necessary to show yourself deep and unwavering love. If you find this to be a struggle, know that this takes time. If you are negative and cruel to yourself, you’ll put those feelings out into the world in return. Strive to break the cycle and find fulfillment in yourself first before seeking it in others.