Two Of Pentecles

Upright: Flexibility, Hustling

Reverse: Overwhelmed, Resentment

A mountain goat leaps from a crumbling rock to the next, outstretched, confident, and fearless. goats have been a longtime symbol of virility, faith, and independence. they move sure-footed through rocky terrain, taking leaps that could spell their doom should they over-estimate the distance they need to cross. the two of pentacles represents reminds us that while we may add more and more tasks to our load, one small mistake can send it all tumbling to the ground.

when upright, the two of pentacles signifies that the user is currently juggling many different life, family life, and all the little tidbits in between are roving around your head, and you are succeeding in keeping them all afloat. but that isn’t to say such productivity is permanent. your energy won’t last forever. manage your priorities carefully and stay focused. ask for help if you need it, and try to be flexible as life changes around you. you may be balancing work and family perfectly one week only for something to change the next. be attuned to these changes and open to changing yourself to keep up with them. balance is key to staying on top of things!

when reversed, the two of pentacles is telling the user that they are overburdened, overcommitted, and not handling the strain well. this is a wakeup call to get organized fast. others may not have keyed in on your struggle to stay afloat, but that won’t last forever. take the time to create a to-do list, a budget, and to focus more on hammering out your responsibilities to keep them from piling up. if need be, drop some of the burden before it can drag you down completely. this can also be a sign that aspects of your life have become unbalanced. you may be over-investing yourself in one part of your life over another, and the dissonance is catching up with you. something has to give. reassess your priorities before you’re forced to give up first.