Two Of Wands

Upright: Accomplishment, Discovery, Planning

Reverse: Indecision, Mundanity

A pair of blue jays flit through the open air, their beaks laden with twigs to build their nest. they work together to prepare for their coming brood. blue jays are characterized by their brilliant plumage, their excited, chattering birdsong, and the fearless way they protect their territory. in folklore, blue jays are credited as the creators of the earth, building it up with dirt when all the world was water. likewise, they’ve been termed as servants of the devil, carrying kindling to hell to fuel the fires down below. the two of wands represents two important paths that we can take, two facets of ourselves and of life. we are complex creatures with many, often conflicting traits. we must be mindful in the decisions we make and what sides of ourselves we show when interacting with others.

when upright, the two of wands emphasizes that it’s time to move forward and make progress. this position builds off of the ace of wands by granting the user a clear course of action upon which to take their new burst of inspiration. you’re about to discover a world of new possibilities. explore your options and assess the tools you have at your disposal. success is within reach, and you can quite possibly see it on the horizon. this may involve stepping out of your comfort zone. take comfort in the fact that losing the familiar will give way to something better. you are within reach of the next stage in your journey. hold your head up high and go forth with confidence.

when reversed, the two of wands suggests that the user has lost sight of how to proceed in regards to a project or general life direction. it can be easy to start out strong and then lose sight of the purpose behind your actions. reconnecting with your inner self to evaluate what you want can help get you back on track. if there is a major decision approaching, try to ask yourself what it is you really want. what will make you happy? what will lead you to the best possible future? it’s not always easy taking a step back to reassess, but until you realize what you actually want and what direction you want to go, you won’t know what to do next. don’t be afraid to step into the unknown. while it’s easy to survive within the familiar, focus on learning how to thrive, even if it takes you to places you’ve never been before.