Connecting With Your Tarot

Bonding with your Tarot deck is an important step to take before starting your readings. As you look through your deck, see how pictures, colors, and themes are conveyed to communicate profound messages. Take time to feel yourself melding with the unique artistic style of the images, and become one with the vibration of the deck in your hand. It should feel like an extension of your own soul. You can also practice techniques on a daily basis to help you unite with the energy of your tarot cards. Recommended practices includes:
  • Keeping your deck with you at all times, safely stored
  • Placing the cards under your pillow as you sleep, or beside you on a nightstand
  • Performing blessings and rituals with your Tarot deck resting on a sacred altar
  • Incense burning, sage smudging, and crystal charging over your tarot deck
  • Practicing card readings on a regular basis