How To Read Tarot

Once you are ready to perform a reading, it is important to appropriately shuffle the deck. Remember that your tarot cards should be treated delicately and with respect, so avoid bending the cards in any way. Instead, layout your cards face down on a table or altar, spreading them around gently, feeling their energies underneath your fingertips. Cutting the deck in its entirety before or after shuffling can also be a good way to be sure the cards are in a completely unique order. It’s important that the universe has complete control of how the cards are arranged, so don’t overthink it. Use your intuition. Be sure to maintain the spiritual connection between your soul and the cards during this stage as well. Stay completely mindful and present of your actions, the words you say, and even the speed at which you move your hands. All these energies will be imparted into the reading, so be very conscious of what you are providing to your cards.


Now you have your cards laid out, it’s time to interpret their meaning. Are the cards conveying a specific message to your present circumstances with the use of the Minor Arcana? Or are they speaking to something deeper with the use of the Major Arcana? Do you feel generally positive with the cards drawn, or do you sense a more difficult message coming through? Taking the time up front to check in with your intuition can greatly improve the overall quality of your reading. After your initial scan, you will then want to read the cards individually for their specific meanings. If you are just starting out, having a card interpretation guide on hand can be very valuable–whether it’s one included with your deck or a more in-depth guide. We have every major and minor Arcana card posted with their meanings online, so be sure to check them out. Once you have read each of the card’s meanings, then it’s time to put all the pieces together and discover what beautiful message the Tarot has to give you. Over time, you’ll learn the meanings of each card on your own and how to rely more on your own intuition to find deeper understanding. Each reading will be different, so don’t worry if some messages come to you very clearly while others are more difficult. That’s the nature of the cards! We hope that this has been a useful guide to beginning your relationship with Tarot.